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Back to work at Kettering Osteopaths

Back to work at Kettering Osteopaths

Here at Kettering Osteopaths we are delighted to announce that we are open for all of our patients, and are once again able to offer treatment and advice for all types of  joint and muscle aches and pains.

Since we re-opened we are busy helping people with all sorts of  sports injuries, such as knee injuries, ankle  sprains and pulled  muscles. Who knew the couch to 5k would be so popular during lockdown?

Lots of people have been working from home, so high up on the list of problems we are currently seeing is low back pain from sitting on inappropriate chairs and those irritating postural problems such as tight muscles in the neck and shoulders that are associated with not having a proper workstation. (Not everybody has the luxury of a home office.) We are also seeing the results of on-line teaching and home schooling, as not many homes are designed for this, and lots of teachers and parents are more than a little stressed trying to juggle lessons, work, and possibly also looking after relatives and neighbours who might be shielded or housebound. It’s not easy..

We have modified our practice and workplace in light of what we now know about the Covid-19 virus. We are asking patients to turn up for their appointments promptly (not too early) and to respect social distancing in the waiting areas where possible. We have introduced stringent hygiene and infection control measures throughout the practice. This includes sanitising all couches and pillows between every patient. We are asking all patients too use our hand sanitisers on entering our building, and we now have single use couch covers and and pillow cases. (These are changed after every consultation and  treatment.) All of our osteopaths  are currently wearing face masks during treatment sessions, and we are asking all patients to do the same. (We can provide these if you do not have one.)

There is lots more information on our website, including our new Covid-19 Page and you can now find us on Facebook for regular updates.

If you would like to talk to one of our osteopaths for help or advice, or you wish to make an appointment, please call the practice on 01536 512927

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