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Doctors,  Nurses and Osteopaths…

Doctors, Nurses and Osteopaths…

Doctors, Nurses and Osteopaths, Kettering Osteopaths is the largest multi-disciplinary osteopathic practice in the area. We have been established in the Headlands for nearly 30 years and have a team of ten therapists. We specialise in the treatment of all joint and muscle conditions, including back pain, sciatica and sports injuries, as well as providing acupuncture, podiatry and hypnotherapy, all with fully trained practitioners.

Most patients visit an osteopath of their own accord, but many of ours are also referred by their doctor or consultant, particularly if the GP knows us, or has been treated here themselves. Osteopaths are trained to recognise when osteopathy will not help a medical condition, and will then refer a patient back to a GP or consultant when it is necessary.

With experience of treating thousands of patients over so many years, we have treated all sorts of patients with various conditions. Some injuries are more frequently seen than others, and back pain (with or without sciatica) is probably the most common. Other conditions include neck and shoulder pain, headaches, sport- and work-related injuries, arthritic pain, joint pain and postural problems, such as those associated with growth, development, ageing and pregnancy.
Osteopathy focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of all musculoskeletal disorders. Using a combination of osteopathic and conventional diagnostic techniques, treatment is based on mobilising and manipulative procedures tailored to the individual patient, reinforced by guidance on diet, lifestyle and exercise.

Increasingly osteopaths are working alongside GPs and other healthcare professionals, providing treatment both privately and through the NHS. Having previously provided NHS treatment for over 9 years, we currently offer private treatment only, as we feel this allows us to see patients within one or two working days, and offers a more accessible and efficient service to our patients, for a relatively modest fee. Most patients are self funded, although most private health insurers will cover the cost of Osteopathic treatment.

There are now lots of studies to support the use of Osteopathy, and most medical practitioners, practice nurses and midwives are happy to refer their patients to us.

A Medical Research Council trial comparing treatment options for lower back pain found that spinal manipulation, added to GP care, is clinically effective and the most cost-efficient option for patients (UK Back Pain Exercise and Manipulation trial, MRC, 2004).

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) published guidance on the treatment of non-specific low back pain in May 2009, recommending manual therapy, as practised by osteopaths.

To find out whether osteopathy can help you, please contact us.

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