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Leg, Knee & Foot

Knee Pain TreatmentThe locomotor system is what we depend upon for movement. It is important that problems in the feet, knees and hips are resolved before they have a knock on effect on other joints (in particular the spine). Injuries to the ligaments, tendons or cartilage will be treated in a slightly different manner as they often require specific treatment to reduce muscle tightness or restore muscle balance.

Depending on the condition we may consider the biomechanics of the whole lower limb, including the foot, to ascertain the cause of a problem, particularly if the symptoms are recurrent or persistent.

Ankle Pain TreatmentOsteopaths are well-positioned with their bio-mechanical training to identify and treat all problems of the feet, ankles and hips as well as treating the many causes of knee pain. We can advise on exercises to muscle restore muscle balance and identify foot and gait problems. We can also refer to our in house podiatrist for advice on conditions such as fallen arches and over-pronation problems.

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