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Pregnancy & Gynaecology

Pregnancy Pain TreatmentMany women experience discomfort as their body changes during pregnancy. There is some softening of the ligaments during the postural changes associated with pregnancy, as well as extra load being placed on joints and various parts of the body, such as the spine and pelvis. There are a number of conditions associated with the postural and hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, including conditions such as pubic symphysis dysfunction (SPD).

Osteopathic treatment can offer a drug free approach to help the body adapt to the postural effects of a pregnancy, often easing aches and pains. The most common treatments we provide are to help relieve pelvic and back pain in pregnancy. Your osteopath will also advise you on your posture and how to use your body correctly through your pregnancy. Osteopathic treatment can also be helpful after the birth of your baby to help you re-adapt to your post-partum state.

Gynaecology Osteopath TreatmentThere may be many different reasons for women to experience menstrual pain, including back ache. Osteopaths can make sure that the joints of the pelvis, and lower back are functioning correctly which in turn can help to relieve tension from the muscles of the pelvic floor. By taking a careful case history and asking the right questions, an osteopath can advise you if your problem requires further investigation from a doctor or gynecologist. If your osteopath thinks that a referral to a gynecologist is indicated they will usually help you to arrange this by writing to your GP.

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