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Repetitive Strain Injury

RSI TreatmentRepetitive Strain Injuries have become a serious matter for many more people in recent years. Over time, the overuse of a muscle by repetition can lead to fatigue, inflammation and pain in the muscles or tendons and typically affects the joints and soft tissues of the forearm, wrist and hand. The condition effects the likes of keyboard operators, factory workers, musicians, gardeners, gamers, excessive texters, sports people or anyone who uses a repetitive movement over a long period of time.

RSI usually starts with mild pain, numbness, tingling, weakness and cramps which can often become worse throughout the course of a day.

Repetitive Strain TreatmentOsteopathy can provide relief from the pain and symptoms of RSI with simple soft tissue stretches, joint mobilisation and specific exercises. We are also able to offer advice on postures and ergonomic arrangements in the office, garden and in the car to minimise the chances of reoccurrences. RSI injuries can respond very well to osteopathy. A treatment plan can be devised to reduce pain, aide recovery and to minimise the chance of the injury reoccurring.

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