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Neck & Back Pain

Neck PainKettering Osteopaths treat patients with neck ache and back pain on a daily basis. We commonly see a wide range of people from all walks of life including builders, golfers, nurses, retirees, office workers, those who have repetitive jobs and often those who spend a lot of time at computers. These presentations will include mechanical back pain; sprains and degenerative disc conditions, as well as acute injuries, such as “slipped discs”.

Back pain is most common in the lower back, although it can be felt anywhere along your spine, from the neck down to the hips. Each presentation may have a variety of different causes. A large number of pains or sensations (such as tingling, pins and needles or numbness) that are exhibited in the legs and arms may be caused by neck and back problems. These all require detailed examination and diagnosis.

Back PainOsteopathic treatment can be particularly successful in easing the symptoms of back pain and neck ache, and appropriate mobilisation has been shown in clinical trials to be more effective than just using painkillers, and results in a faster return to normal activity than rest or exercise alone.

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