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Sue Walker is our podiatrist and is available at the practice for patients with foot and gait problems on Wednesdays.

Our specialist podiatrist can assess and treat of lower limb injuries and conditions related to the foot, ankle and gait. The way that you stand, walk or run can be the cause of leg problems and foot pain. By carrying out physical examinations, gait analysis and studying foot pressure Sue can provide specialist diagnosis and treatment where necessary for lower limb issues.

Sue provides essential foot care for all ages, treating callouses and corns, and giving advice on how to look after your feet. She treats all common foot problems such as metatarsalgia, plantar faciitis and bunions. Sue undertakes wound management, particularly of the diabetic or rheumatoid foot and will performa thorough vascular and neurological assessment of these cases. Nail surgery is also undertaken, using local anaesthetic.

Sue has been in practice for over 30 years, and has a wealth of experience in treating acute and chronic conditions.

Contact us to request an appointment and find out how you can benefit from our specialist podiatry treatment.

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