Jody Grace was has worked wonders, when I first saw him he explained everything in detail, made me feel very secure, and relaxed at every appointment. Thanks to Jody I now have my full mobility back, and also kkow to take notice of what my body is telling. Fantastic and friendly team as well. Keep up the brilliant work. Thank you so much for all you have done.


A really good osteopaths. Excellent treatment and advice for back and neck injuries.


Thank you so much for looking after me, after much pain, discomfort and lack of sleep I was at a loss what to do. I rang and after a few health and safety questions I was given an appointment for the following day.

It's scrupulously clean and hygienic as usual and even more so at this time. Jody is my therapist and took the time (as he always has) to get all background information about my pain. After the appointment I felt 80% better and I am looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight.

We both had masks throughout the treatment but it didn't hinder our conversation or therapy. Very professional clinic and all measures are and more. Thank you Kettering Osteopaths.


I've visited a few times after seriously injuring my shoulder after suffering a seizure that caused me to have 12 screws and a plate inserted. With the current covid crisis Kettering General Hospital's physio service has been reduced to telephone appointments, which in turn doesn't benefit me as, how can I get my shoulder working when no-one at the General will look at it and help me with physiotherapy. So after hearing glowing recommendations from family and friends I contacted Kettering osteopaths so I could get someone to see if the shoulder was fused and get some insight into how to get it working again.

After my first 30 minute appointment with Jo, my shoulder has been the best it's felt in 6 months. Jo really stretched it and got my arm moving in ways I never thought possible and taught me the right way to get movement back in my shoulder. The service is second to none and they have great understanding of what I've been through and are eager to help. I pay £48 for 30 minutes of physio which is invaluable. I will continue to keep seeing Jo at Kettering Osteopaths as shes brilliant and she knows what she's talking about with a great knowledge of everything.

Very covid safe with a one way system, masks and hand sanitizers everywhere. Highly recommended.


Such great professionals. Even consulted on intermediary remedies when I injured my back while traveling.


Excellent service and treatment. Explained everything fully throughout.


Everything is explained and I always come away feeling better. Friendly people.


An excellent local practice who provide a great service. Highly recommended if you suffer from back or neck pain.


A big help in fixing my problems.


The osteopaths are superb - friendly, helpful and brilliant at what they do.