Do you have Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain is a common problem treated by Kettering Osteopaths. Depending on the nature of the damage, we will be able to treat you straight away or provide guidance on seeking clinical treatment if the condition warrants further investigation.

There are many reasons for patients developing shoulder problems that can last for days or persist for years. The causes of shoulder pain can be due to inflammation in the shoulder joint as well as damage to tendons, muscles or ligaments.

One of the most common diagnosis of shoulder pain is injury to the rotator cuff which can occur as a result of damage to the shoulder rotator muscle tendons, or the bursa associated with the shoulder joint complex . We also see patients who present with a painful and stiff complaint known as “frozen shoulder” and impingement syndromes, all of which can result in pain and altered shoulder joint mechanics.

With manipulation of the shoulder joints and mobilisation and articulation to loosen up the soft tissues, we can often reduce shoulder stiffness, reduce pain and increase the range of movement. Osteopathic treatment can be very successful in easing the symptoms of shoulder pain and can help in a faster return to mobility and activity.